Few quick facts about Escorts and Lifestyle

Few quick facts about Escorts and Lifestyle

Escorts in Delhi and NCR

If anyone is asked a question in Delhi on “what is an escort?” The spontaneous reply will be it is just like call girl service. Sorry friends ! An escort is not a call girl, although it is a common practice in the society that everyone relates escorts with the call girls. A escort or more preciously a social escort is a dignified lady or girl who accepts a proposal of a gentlemen to give a companion service for a city tour, party or business event or gathering. The charges taken by the lady is solely for her time as a guide (a guide charge is always chargeable) and not for any illegal activity like paid sex.

Let us make very clear that ladies or girls advertised in our website is solely for the companion service or guide service. Girls listed in our website has a willingness to become guide of lonely persons with a pure intentions of guidance. We call those ladies social escorts as they serve many other things other than guidance.

Just for instance, take an example that you belong to some other city other than Delhi and you are happened to be in Delhi for a week on your business trip. During the day you are occupied with your hard work or attending sessions or seminars. You come back to hotel in the evening after a 10 hours hepatic schedule. It may be a hot summer or a chilly evening and you want to enjoy some sips of wine before your dinner and sleep. Even you sit in a bar or disc with lights, sound but still you may feel sipping wine is boring as you do not have anyone to talk to you. Here comes the role of a social escort. She can give you company with chit chat and have wine with me. Even you can walk with her to the dance floor to shake a leg with her. Who does not like to hold hands of a gorgeous girl and dance with her. Many bars and pubs does not permit stag entries or charge excessively high for a stag entry. Although you pay a hefty amount on your liquor and food bill but you still do not enjoy it. But with an social escort you are not less than a king. You not only enjoy the food and drink with a marvelous beauty, at the same time you feel relaxed and recharged since you have someone to chat with. On the other hand you are envy of others for having such a wonderful companion with you.

Let us take another example. You are a movie lover and want to go for a movie after your days work, but you feel reluctant going alone as loneliness is always associated a boredom. So how about enjoying a movie with a gorgeous girl sitting with you. You may be first timer in the city and want to visit all the attractions of the city after work, but you may feel like not going out as you are alone. But you will never mind strolling in the market if you have a lovely lady to give you company.

Our social escorts are not only your companion, but they will take care of you like a real girlfriend. She will help you to choose a shirt or tie to buy, she will keep you ¬†occupied, you can become a great friend of her and discuss your personal things with her. Even if you treat her well and take care of her you may deserve that greatest prize you have never expected – she may invite you to bed. Time and again we have explained that social escorts are not call girls. So do not behave with her like that. She will give you company gladly for party, dance, movie or a long drive and not for erotic encounter. Also do not try to get sexual favors from her by paying money or buying expensive gifts. As per the law of our country having sexual relationship with a female with exchange of money or gift is a punishable offence and both of you may get punished for this. Neither our agency will not be responsible for this kind illegal act nor you or other competent authority can sue the agency or the owner of the for this kind of act. Yes, if anything happens between two consenting adults, if it is a sexual relationship too, without exchange of money or gift is nobody’s business.

In our website we have listed the girls who willingly wants to become guide or companion for gentlemen. We are just a mediator and facilitator of companionship service. We have charges listed for various girls. Persons willing to avail this service may come to our place, pay the fess of the girls and take her out. On the other hand who are not ready to visit us, just tell us where her companion needs to be dropped. We drop her at the said location after collecting her fees. Please remember no social escorts will be ready to start her service unless you her fees beforehand.

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By this time you might have understood the facts about Delhi social escorts. Since they are girls are ladies from the good background and family show respect to them and in tern you will get respect. You are meeting the girl for the first time, so why not create some impression. Have a shower and get dressed well to show her that she is meeting a perfect gentlemen. You may present her a flower bouquet or a chocolate to create a impressive start. Have a full look on her and complement her for the dress she is wearing. You can flirt her by praising about earring or wrist band. Do not try to compare her with your girlfriend or wife. Also, offering a good red wine will surely win her heart. Try to speak to her in a generous way to understand her likes and dislikes. While chatting you can also convey your likes and dislikes. Do not ask personal questions before you get friendly with her, restrict to generic questions only.

We are sure if you keep those points in mind a wonderful date is waiting ahead. So, go ahead and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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