How to get best from an Escort Girl

How to get best from an Escort Girl

How to choose an Escort to get best services – Often confused

This is a million dollar question. How to choose an escort comes to every gentlemen’s mind before a venture. Go by beauty and figure is the first filter applied by most of the men while selecting an escort. Few persons have some special selections which could spread across in arena like big-boobed girls, rounded ass, zero figure, tight-hole, teen age, voluptuous female, mature ete.

The only solution of this paradox is go for the girl you have already met. But what about first time companion?

Now take a simple example – this is your first date with the girl you have selected and going to date her. You have no idea about her other than some pictures sent to you from the escort agency. Although you might have inquired some basic things about your night mate like that she is a smoker or not, drinks or not, food habits etc. Also your provider has assured you about some services she is going to provide. It is a wise decision to go by the services that your is going to provide as promised by your agency personnel.

You pick up escorts for pure fun and satisfaction but sometimes the fun becomes a nightmare for a wrong selection. Please remember you are expecting a service from another human being – your demands should not be rough enough to tern this fun into a tragedy. So before getting into any service just match your expectations and services with the girl. Speak up openly and politely and tell her that those are services you are expecting. If your expectations match 80% with the girls service you are a hero and can go ahead without any glitch. But, if your expectations does not match 60% you are going to be a looser and may not end end up with a good note. Please unsettle this meeting and look for some alternative.

If your expectations are matched to 70-80% percent you must go ahead. Another good idea to tip the girl before having the service according to your capacity. The tip acts as service boosting agent and you are sure to get some  extraordinary fun which you have never excepted.

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