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My Time with Delhi Escorts – Part-1

Hello hi! Sallam Namaste! 

You can call me a sex maniac, yes I am a real sex maniac as I do not have much control on sex. That does not mean I will start fucking everyone I meet. Due to my nature I take service of Delhi Escorts almost once or twice a week. My girl need not a to be a very beautiful looking glamorous girl, rather I prefer girls with average look but should have good tight boobies and a strong attitude towards customer cooperation. I always prefer a girl who is good in cock sucking and loves to experiment with sexual positions.

Fortunately, last week I came across a Bengali girl named Rashi through one of my friends reference. She is a LLB practitioner  and does part time escorts work for extra bit of money. We decided to meet up at a guest house in south Delhi, I was a frequent visitor of this guest house and most of the people place know me. The guest house charges are reasonable for a A/C room as well as extra services.

I generally prefer to have red wine before sex. Red wine is a sex booster for both male and female. Also it does not give much of kick like whiskey or vodka. But my friend the girl loves to sip vodka, so I settled up for a bottle of vodka and started my journey towards South Extension.

I met the girl near ICICI Delhi regional office of South Extension. She was average looking with little extra sized boobs and little bit of stomach. We headed towards the guest house in the cab. Soon we checked into the guest house and I gave her a tight hug to feel her body. I ordered for some cold drinks and snacks, as she mentioned that she will have vodka with cold drinks and not with water.

We were chatting on different things and having sips of our drinks. I came to know she is a LLB practitioner and doing this part time escorts job for extra money. After second peg I was bit high and same with the girl too. I decided to play a hot and bold Indian film in my laptop which has a cock sucking scene.



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